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Order Digitally Printed Labels Online

Digital custom labels offer attractive label solutions, with brilliant graphics and the capacity for many specialty printing options. Order labels for your business using our easy online order builder.

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Design and PrePress - Acro Labels

Design and PrePress

We offer graphic design services for all industries and can accommodate a variety of label designs.

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Flexography Printing

We utilize in-house flexography presses to achieve a massive volume of labels on demand. Get a quote from us today.

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Need Your Label Here? - Acro Labels

Need Your Label Here?

We can print your custom label for use on a wide variety of product types.

Great Inspection on Each Roll - Acro Labels

Great Inspection on Each Roll

Every label roll we produce undergoes thorough inspection to uphold a high standard for quality.

Using Variable Barcode - Acro Labels

Using Variable Barcode

We can print a variety of variable barcode labeling to meet your packaging needs.

Thermal Transfer Label Rolles in Color that You can Print On - Acro Labels

Thermal Transfer Label Rolls

We offer thermal transfer label rolls in colors that you can print on.



Retail automation has many different processes and concepts, which rely on technology. The automation process continues to evolve to integrate technology like AI, which allows the systems to work independently and devoid of human input. Retail systems help promote your business because they reshape how you handle business and offer accurate time analytics and data to maintain upward momentum as you automate fulfillment for your e-commerce business .

Casi is excited to let you know that we have partnered with Lozier to satisfy customers and enhance retail operations like conveyor systems. We value Lozier’s advanced technological input and wish to use their skills and production talent to better the conveyor systems. This collaboration focuses on improving the logistics of the business and offers accurate tracking technologies. This partnership allows us to come up with the following automated fulfillment and order processing technologies.

Conveyor technologies by the Lozier + Casi partnership

Accumulation conveyors

This conveyor has a design to stop or hold items until they accumulate them to the set volume or number. In other words, they create a buffer zone for one to put together all the necessary items when moving the products up or down the system. Typically, an accumulation conveyor will offer your business operations the following perks:

  • Separate the conveyor to different lengths to allow you to pack products and keep them in a suitable collection.
  • Establish a zone to cool and dry products before moving them to the next stage. The automation software lets you set the waiting time for each section, so you can diversify and customize the system as much as you need.
  • Reduce congestions because you can control the number of items at each point, whether the system is in decline or upward momentum

The accumulation conveyor system is available as a zero back pressure or minimum pressure system, which differs in the following concepts; the minimum pressure system allows items to touch one another while the zero pressure system does not allow items to touch one another. We will often recommend that you work with a minimum pressure system if you work with items that have similar weights and dimensions.

Transport flexible conveyor

This conveyor has a robust design that gives the conveyor optimal operational power. The expandable system can bend and fit into different spaces to move the product efficiently at variable speeds. The best part about the flexible powered conveyor is its ability to get around obstacles and accommodate the varying weight. Our partnership with Lozier allows us to offer flexible conveyors with a 24DC power supply, control variable speed settings, and have an easy starting and stopping mechanism.

Software technologies

The innovative automation and e-commerce fulfillment software helps increase commercial gains because you can track all the numbers in the system. Lozier and Casi make this possible by developing an automation retail software that helps with inventory management, analytical reports, managing repetitive tasks, and other technical concepts. 

Not sure what you need from us? Contact us online to book a consultation so we can get you an ideal ecommerce custom e-commerce fulfillment solutions .


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